Lattimer Communications is the only full-service advertising agency that specializes in crafting and implementing strategically sound, innovative and effective marketing communications programs for the African-American market, via its female gatekeepers.

Who We Are


Having developed successful programs for Fortune 500 companies, as well as local businesses, for more than 20 years, Lattimer Communications is one of the few minority-owned agencies in the South with a breadth of national and regional brand experience.

But we stand alone when it comes to our way of being and doing starting with our target. See African Americans, who are typically consumer trendsetters, for the general market, wield more than $1 trillion in buying power. African American females however, are the “gate keepers,” and in most cases, the primary decision makers for household purchases. Still many corporations have yet to embrace who she is, how she spends her money and what dictates her spending.


Armed with the most current and comprehensive tools, as well as the understanding to engage and affect the Black female audience, we help our clients increase market share by developing and maintaining relationships with this highly profitable, yet undeserved segment.




Sarah Lattimer, President

Sarah is President and CEO of Lattimer Communications, a full-service, multicultural, advertising and public relations agency with a focus on the African-American, particularly female, and Latino segments.


Throughout her illustrious 25-year career as a marketing, advertising and sales professional, Sarah has spearheaded highly successful, integrated, multicultural marketing campaigns. Under her guidance, Lattimer Communications recently completed a national, groundbreaking study, “A Profile of Today’s Black Woman” that received national attention from The Wall Street Journal, Target Market News and Yahoo Finance, among others, because it was the first study of its kind to identify six unique personas of African-American women. She is published in Pepper Miller’s latest book, “Black Still Matters in Marketing,” having written a chapter, “Under the Radar: Black Women.”


Before starting Lattimer Communications, Sarah served as Vice President for Sharp Advertising in Atlanta, managing the Barnett Banks and GTE accounts. As Senior Project Consultant for Diversity Consultants International Towers Perrin, Inc., she designed marketing and advertising initiatives, addressing the needs of diverse consumer markets and establishing a presence for clients interested in the competitive advantages offered by multicultural audiences. Previously, Sarah served as Vice President and Management Supervisor with New York advertising firm Lockhart & Pettus, overseeing Carson Products’ Dark & Lovely Hair Care line and Con Edison. Sarah also served as Vice President of Chase Manhattan Bank where she was responsible for the sales and marketing efforts of 50 branches.


Sarah serves on the Board of Visitors of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the YWCA of Greater Atlanta and is a member of the American Association of Advertising Agencies’ Atlanta Board of Governors and The Atlanta Business League. She was named one of the 100 Most Influential African-American Women in Atlanta by the Atlanta Business League in both 2008 and 2009. She was a finalist in the Atlanta Business League’s Outstanding Achievement Woman of the Year in 2011. Rolling Out Magazine most recently named her one of the Top 25 Most Influential Women of Atlanta.

What We Do


Our clients depend on us to create compelling and engaging work that moves consumers emotionally, and then physically. We haven’t disappointed yet.



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Scope of Services


Our Clients



How We Do It


While we can’t reveal exactly what’s in our “special sauce,”
we’d be more than happy to give you a taste.


We believe that every department in our agency is “The Creative Department.” Ingenuity should be evident every step of the way.


We understand that your brand should tell a consistent, inspiring story at every consumer touch point; that the intangibles are just as important as the deliverables; that research is necessary, but intuition cannot be ignored. And that’s why people are our most valuable asset; and why our agency is as diverse as the markets we serve.


What we did

We spent time with Black women across America in social circles and through online surveys, in an effort to understand who Today’s Black Woman really is, what makes her tick, how she responds to her environment and what she’s looking for from those with whom she spends her hard-earned dollar.


Why we did it

At Lattimer Communications, we believe the African American female has been largely overlooked by manufacturers and advertisers. While Today’s Black Woman wields over $500 billion in buying power, many corporations have yet to embrace who she is, how she spends her money and what dictates her spending. As a result, there is significant untapped potential for brands willing to reach out to the Black female buyer.


How we did it

We met up with the women in homes and at restaurants that they frequented. The added familiarity of being among their closest friends, people they know and trust, made them feel comfortable sharing the kind of thoughts Black women share, only in the company of other Black women. As a result, these Black women of all ages, socio-economic strata, religious and political affiliations and spiritual backgrounds opened up to us. And you will not only be surprised by what we uncovered, but how it can impact your business.


What we found

(1) Some (actually, only a few) brands get who Black women are, and know how to talk to them. For the vast majority however, this is not the case, having unearthed the industries and brands that do the best and the worst jobs. (2) When it comes to Black women, one size does not fit all. In fact, we determined that there are six types of Black women - six very distinctive personas - who all view and react very differently to the world around them. And until you recognize and address that they are as unique as the seasons, you will never be able to engage them in a meaningful way.






Our work is even more effective because we have a keen sensitivity and understanding of the values, motivations, aspirations and lifestyles of our targets. Because we are the target. Because we recognize the importance of looking out for emerging technologies, asking the right questions, surpassing expectations and not budgets; of not making promises we can’t keep. And there’s more where that came from.



Instead of trying to be a jill-of-all-trades, or in this case jill-of-all-people, with a universal and largely ineffective message, we enable you to become the master of the one group that really counts.


Why It Matters


 87% of Black women feel like advertisers don’t know how to talk to them.*

Consumers have choices. They need a reason to choose your brand over any other in a product category. Targeted marketing is not a matter of exploiting racial, ethnic, gender, class or other differences, but simply acknowledging that differences exist. By communicating in a manner calculated to appeal directly to each group’s own most cohesive values, a marketer can deliver a more relevant and persuasive message than could have been conveyed by addressing them in more general terms, as members of a broader population.


Truly understanding their beliefs, habits, lifestyle and preferences can reveal missed opportunities, products that may have been misaligned, help fine-tune who you should be talking to, indicate where you should reach out to them and assist in crafting a more effective message. 

*Profile of Today's Black Woman




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